Guaranteed Landlord Rental Payments

Relax with the knowledge that your rental payments will be made on time every time

Unique Rental Guarantee Scheme

We pride ourselves at Brookdale for being different in many aspects including tenant selection criteria, property management, marketing and a host of other things. This is a non-insurance based rental guarantee. Our tenant selection criteria (we believe) is second to none, however, even the best tenants are prone to changes in financial circumstances especially in a recession.

Most letting agents state that they offer a rental guarantee scheme but this is, in fact, only an insurance based scheme for which you pay a premium and the agent earns commission from selling it to you. In the event of non-payment of rent, you will have to claim for the lost rent. Invariably, these policies do not pay out when a tenant is late paying their rent and involve an “excess” (like car insurance policies) and the excess is usually a month’s rent. Hardly a guarantee!

We pay full market rent
Non-insurance based
Your payments made on time every time
No insurance policy “excess” to pay
No claim form to fill in and no delay in payment
Absolute 100% financial security
Cost just 2% + VAT (2.4% inc VAT) of gross monthly rent

Our rental guarantee means that there is absolutely NO compromise on tenant quality because it is Brookdale who are guaranteeing your rent.

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