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Brookdale Property Management

About Brookdale Property Management


Brookdale Property Management was formed back in 1989 and has presided over thousands of lets. We manage in excess of 1000 private rental properties and, through our various holding companies, own a number of those we manage. Our experience in residential property management now spans four decades!

The Team

We are a team of property professionals sharing over 180 years experience in the property industry and are passionate about Customer Service in an industry that attracts so much bad press as a result of amateur letting agents cutting corners on both quality of properties to let and bad Tenant selection.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our motto is "Quality Property Management Can Only Begin With A Quality Tenant". This strategy of Tenant profiling has helped us gain and maintain our position as market leader here in Peterborough.
  • We deal solely with rental property, so we specialise in residential property management only (no sales).
  • We are based in Peterborough and only cover Peterborough and the surrounding areas so we can specialise in the area unlike national letting agents.
  • We are independent, not part of a group, chain or franchise so make our own decisions in terms of business policy, salary structure and Customer Service.
  • As landlords ourselves, our approach to letting (we believe) differs from other agents. We only take on good quality, clean and tidy properties and only choose the best quality of Tenant.
  • We do not pay staff commission to let properties and do not set targets in terms of properties let each month. We prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity and this unique strategy helped us become the largest of the letting agents in Peterborough.
"Quality property management can only begin with a quality Tenant followed by a service level second to none."