Why do Brookdale have so few properties to let?

The answer is quite simple. We only take on good quality properties and let them to good quality tenants at sensible market rent levels ?" so they let quickly.

When a new property is added to our to-let list or when a current tenant serves notice and we re-market the property, it lets very quickly indeed ?" usually in less than a week. Hence we only ever have a small quantity of properties to let at any one time.

It is a common misconception that a letting agent with a huge amount of properties to let must therefore be the biggest/best. This is simply not true. Indeed the opposite is true.

We are the largest letting agent in Peterborough and because of our quality of properties, tenants (presenting them well) and fair rent levels, at some stages we actually have less that 0.5% of our entire portfolio available to let.

This is good news for our Landlords as it means less "void periods" in rent and a maximisation of income from investment.

We do not advertise "UNDER APPLICATION" properties. Many other agents do because they seem to prey on that misconception that an agent with lots of properties listed to-let must be the largest. Properties in poor condition, perhaps due to agents selecting Tenants who do not look after their homes, take longer to let. The average time taken for Brookdale to let a property is around a week.

When researching letting agents' properties to let, for example on Rightmove, is helpful to look at when the property was first added to the Rightmove site. Some agents advertise properties to let for over a year ! Are they really to let or just padding?"