Tenant choice

Most Landlords are concerned about who rents their property. In fact, if a Landlord said to us "I don't care who rents it just get it rented" then it is unlikely that we would be marketing the property in the first place!

Once we receive an application from a Tenant who matches our Tenant selection criteria we will present an application to you (by telephone usually) with our recommendation. Please remember, if we recommend that the Tenancy is accepted it is NOT because we are simply focusing on letting alone.

Our experience in residential property management spans four decades and our staff are non-commission based so our aim is to find the best Tenant for every property we market.

It isn't difficult as there is so much demand for good quality rented accommodation. We have always said "Letting is easy - getting it right takes more".

We have no target number of properties to let each month: How can we? Why do agents set targets? At Brookdale if we let 30 each month then we selected 30 good Tenants who liked the look of 30 properties. If we let 50 then the same rule applies. There is no compromise to meet targets.

We also do not, never have and never will pay staff commission to let properties. Financial reward in terms of commission for selling a house is entirely appropriate as, to put it very basically, an estate agent and a vendor usually don't care who buys a house.