Vacating your property

When you want to leave your home please follow the following guidelines:

Any notice we act upon must be in writing and is only effective from the day we receive the notice at our office.

If you wish to leave at the end of the first six months then we need to receive your written notice at least one month before the end of the term.

Whilst you are in a six month contract you can serve notice to the end of the contract (minimum notice is one calendar month).

Outside the six month contract period, you can submit notice of one calendar month.

If you are in any doubt - please ask.

We will usually organise a Pre-Leaving Inspection. This inspection is for your benefit and our representative will be able to advise you (as best he/she can) what you may need to do in order to receive a full deposit return.

This our aim - to return your full deposit. To coin a phrase; "It takes 5 minutes to return your deposit and hours not to!"