The tenancy contract

Firstly - we handle all legal documentation on your behalf.

The Tenant(s) will sign a six month Assured Short-hold Tenancy contract in the first instance (we sign this on your behalf as Agent). Whenever a Tenant wishes to vacate they need to provide a month's notice or notice to the end of the contract if this is greater. During this notice period we will re-market the property.

As a Landlord, should you wish to take possession of the property at the end of the six month term, you will be required to provide two month's written notice to gain possession at the end of the term.

If the contract is not renewed then the resulting tenancy is referred to as Statutory Periodic and the notice periods required are one month from the Tenant and two months from you as Landlord.

Obviously we (as Agents) handle the production and serving of notices on your behalf should you require possession of the property.