Recommendations - our main source of business

Our main source of business is recommendations from existing Landlords and Tenants:

This is something we are very proud of and appreciate. To receive over 50% of our new business via recommendation is, we believe, a testimony to our customer service.

Many estate agents and builders also recommend our services as do many local businesses and current/previous Tenants.

It is for this reason that we will not compromise in the Tenant selection process and we will not award commission payments to our staff involved in letting. Selecting the wrong Tenant will cause a problematic tenancy and, ultimately, could cause financial loss to our Landlord. It will certainly reduce the number of valued recommendations we receive.

In addition, more work is created for us as the Agent during a problematic tenancy so getting the Tenant selection right in the first place is in the interests of all parties involved.

We employ the same care and attention in letting and managing our private Landlords properties as we do our own portfolio. If we did not place so much emphasis on selecting the right Tenant then we could not benefit from such a high volume of valuable recommendations.

It is our aim to increase the number of recommendations by continually improving our working practices and resulting high level Customer Service.

Our strategy will remain to focus on the management of the property rather than just letting.