Your payments made on time every time

When we meet new Landlords a question often asked is what happens if the Tenant does not pay their rent?. There is only one answer If we don't receive the rent - neither do you!

Our Tenant selection criteria is extremely strict and as a result we seldom come across Tenants who won't pay their rent - but sometimes it is because they can't pay. There are various reasons for this such as marital breakdown, illness, redundancy etc.

For a Landlord, the effects can be financially problematic. For example, most Landlords who need to cover the mortgage for their property rely of the rental income each month and rely on it being paid to them on a certain day of the month.

Your rental payments made on time every timeThe two main benefits of rent guarantee

With our rent guarantee scheme there are two main benefits:

1) If the Tenant cannot pay at all, you will still be paid.

2) If the Tenant is late paying their rent, without rental guarantee you would have to wait for the payment and find another means to pay your mortgage. With rental guarantee, your payment will be made as normal.