New build properties

Despite the government introducing various schemes to help people get on the property ladder, many people still find owning their own property out of reach.

Good quality Tenants love to rent a new build property as it is the second best to being able to purchase one.

Brookdale Property Management have good working relationships with most developers in Peterborough and a good working knowledge of their developments. We can advise you about the best options for purchasing a new build and where to do so.

For you as an investor, purchasing a new build means that you have no hidden maintenance costs to bring the property to an acceptable level to let. You also receive various guarantees from the builder so, if something (maintenance) does go wrong, you are covered financially.

Consider buying a 100 year old property in the city centre and finding a couple of years down the line that it needs a new roof to purchasing a new build where you have lengthy guarantees.