Fees Charged To Landlords For Our Services

Establishment Fee - £200 + VAT (per property - NOT per tenant)

The establishment fee covers all the work we do after initially taking on your property. I.e. marketing, carrying out tenant viewings, organising the tenancy contract, performing the video inventory etc. etc. The establishment fee effectively covers the cost of the first let of your property.

Contract Renewal Fee - £50 + VAT (per property - NOT per tenant)

If both yourself and the Tenant(s) wish to renew the contract after the initial fixed term then the contract renewal fee covers this.

Re-Let Fee - £125 + VAT (per property - NOT per tenant)

The re-let fee covers the cost of re-letting your property each time a tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in.

Monthly Commission Rate

Obviously we charge a commission rate as a percentage of the gross rent payable by the tenant each month for ongoing management. This is subject to VAT and is variable depending on the rental value of your property, condition, location, number of properties you ask us to manage etc. It is negotiated and agreed at the outset of our contract with you.