How We Find Tenants

They Find Us!

Through our extensive marketing, we reach everyone looking for a rental property and Tenants will call us or e-mail about a specific property they have seen.

We maintain a database of property hunters and the moment a new property is added to our system, a comprehensive matching process takes place. Text messages will be sent, e-mails will be sent and telephone calls will be made.

The prospective Tenants on our database are shared between various staff members and contacted regularly about new properties we take on.

In addition, since we have been in business for so long Brookdale is almost synonymous with Peterborough letting and some prospective Tenants simply call in to see if we have a suitable property. Indeed, looking at statistics behind our web-site - most people find us by typing in "Brookdale" into an internet search engine rather than "Letting agent".

Another source of Tenants comes from our existing Tenants! We manage so many properties and our Tenants, when deciding to move, invariably stay with us due to the level of service they receive from us. This is an ideal proposition for your property since the Tenant(s) will have a track record with us.