Our experience

Brookdale are a team of professionals sharing over to 170 years in the property industry. Since 1989 we have let thousands of properties.

The Management Team that formed Brookdale over the first ten years (plus) are still with Brookdale and our staff turnover is low.

We prefer to employ people with experience and dedication. As we are independent we can choose to offer high enough non-commission based salaries as we are not bound by franchise or group policies.

Although it is relatively simple to put any Tenant in a property, as many agents do, to put the right Tenant(s) in and manage the property well is actually difficult. Experience and skill is needed and this is what we have at Brookdale.

In residential letting an agent needs to have been trading for many years to gain the experience required to handle the complex issue of letting and managing property. Experienced agents will have learned from any errors. Inexperiened agents will just continue to make the same mistakes.

During the financial turmoil following the credit crunch we have seen many new letting agents appear - trying to cash in on the need to rent. Some offer low commission rates - as low as 8%. We have also seen many of the inexperienced letting agents fold in the last 3 years - often owing money to the Landlord. Did you know that, although your letting agent takes a deposit from your Tenant, if the agent folds - you are responsible for returning it ?