Your deposit and how it is protected

Your deposit is safe with us! We register your deposit with a Government approved scheme. This is a legal requirement. Your deposit is then held by the scheme administrators until the end of the tenancy.

After you move in to the property we will provide you with information relating to which scheme your deposit is registered with. At the end of the tenancy, if we make deductions from your deposit and you are not satisfied - you are able to dispute the deductions. That's the whole point of the legislation - to ensure that Landlords and Letting Agents treat their Tenants fairly. We fully support it.

Before you move in to the property we carry out a detailed video inventory. Every part of the property is captured on video and you are provided with a copy at the start of the tenancy.

We know it's hardly a feature film but we do ask that you take some time to view the inventory in case we have missed something that is of concern to you. If we have then, often, we will re-visit the property and add it to the inventory for you. At the end of the tenancy we use the original video inventory to compare the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.