Decoration and changes to the property

You may wish to redecorate parts of the property during your tenancy. You MUST request permission BEFORE making any kind of changes to the property.

We will usually ask you to submit a colour chart to our office indicating which rooms are to be painted in which colours. We will forward this to your Landlord for consideration. Most Landlords will understand that you may wish to decorate and grant permission subject to a satisfactory finish and neutral colours. If you do decorate then the quality of the decoration will be checked during your next routine inspection or at the final inspection after you have vacated.

Do NOT under any circumstances, install a satellite dish without written permission from ourselves. There are many rules and conditions relating to the installation of satellite dishes and simply observing that your neighbour has a dish is NOT good reason to install one yourself. Firstly, the Landlord may object to the physical installation. Secondly, mainly for leasehold properties, the management company specifically state that no satellite dishes can be installed.

We do understand that, in making your property your home, there may be various changes you wish to undertake to improve your enjoyment of the property (including decoration).

Whatever you consider you MUST obtain written permission from ourselves BEFORE making ANY changes.

Also, please be aware that the cost of any changes you make WILL NOT be off-set against rental payments nor dilapidation charges at the end of the tenancy.

As mentioned above (unless by prior agreement) all changes agreed and implemented are for your enjoyment during the tenancy.