Non commission based letting

We do not, have never and will never pay staff commission to let properties.

We want to make sure that the decision to select a Tenant is made in the absolute best interests of the Landlord and the future successful management of the let.

We also want to ensure that we only take on properties of a standard that matches the requirements of the Tenants we select.

Everyone knows that Estate Agents are paid commission to sell properties and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, many Estate Agents have turned to letting during the current recession and also pay commission to let!

We believe this is disastrous and moves the quality of let from judgment to financial gain.

In addition, our research shows us that most other letting agents also pay staff commission.

Our Staff/Experience - Letting over four decades and sharing over 170 years experience

It seems a strange thing to boast about but many of our staff are aged over 40! We offer higher salaries than our competitors. This means that we employ a Team with (what we consider to be) more people experience which is essential in choosing a suitable Tenant for your property. Our staff are not induced into the wrong decision by giving priority to earning commission.