Don't assume every Tenant wants to live in the city centre

It may seem like a trivial point but so many first time investors contact us and make assumptions about Tenants. The most popular assumption is that all Tenants work in the city centre, don't have transport and want to walk to work every day.

This is simply not the case. Most Tenants we house have at least one car and take advantage of Peterborough's fantastic road network which means they are never more than a few minutes from anywhere. Peterborough has a number of business parks and, collectively, these parks employ many more times the number of people employed in the city centre.

Every city changes and Peterborough has changed dramatically in the last few years. For example, the city centre hospital recently closed and will be re-developed. The main hospital for Peterborough is now located some 3-4 miles away from the centre. This is a potential hit for all investors who purchased properties close to the hospital.

Niche markets can work but seldom do they last. Our experience allows us to advise you in terms of the best type of property to invest in.