Call us for advice in property investment

Our advice is free. Of course, the motive for providing the advice is we hope to manage the property for you when you eventually do purchase something.

Buying an investment property to let out can be a minefield and the old adage "there's no such thing as a free lunch" certainly applies.

Basically, it is like anything in business and in life "do it property and it will work out for you". Make a mistake in property investment and it can be a financial catastrophe. We have met many Landlords over the years who made extremely costly mistakes and, with the greatest respect to them, it was always because they didn't do their homework and thought they knew best.

The biggest mistake that inexperienced investors in buy-to-let make is all related to their absolute misconception of exactly "who a Tenant is" and what their requirements in a rental property are. More about this later in this guide.

Take advice from us. We have let thousands of properties since we began in 1989. Usually when an investor calls us with a property in mind we either manage a similar property now or have in the past and can provide good data about rent values and the appeal of both the property type and the area thus maximising the return for the investor.