Consider the area you are buying in

Peterborough is not unlike any other city in the UK. It has good areas and less appealing areas. On the latter point, there are a couple of areas in Peterborough where Brookdale will NOT take on a rental property. Needless to say, sale prices in these areas are cheap so this can be a minefield!

Broadly speaking, Tenants could be split into two categories (with regard to property areas). Firstly, people who like a good, decent neighbourhood which looks pleasant and appealing. Secondly, people who are not too worried about the area but want a good size/quality property to live in. Therefore it is not correct to say less appealing areas do not provide lets.

However, rents can differ greatly between those two area categories thus affecting your financial return on the investment. Of course, often, purchase prices also reflect this - but not always!

Our experience in the letting market stand us in good stead to advice you about the various areas in Peterborough and the surrounding areas and how best to maximise your return.