After The Valuation

...we leave you alone to consider the information we have provided you !

Feedback from various potential and existing Landlords indicates that, after a valuation meeting, the biggest annoyance is the constant chase-up calls they receive from agents seeking an instruction. Again, because we are not commission driven, we do not take this approach. Instead we leave you to consider the information and make your own decision as to the next step. Of course, we are still on hand to answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Once you have decided to let your property

Once you have decided to let your property do contact us as soon as you can. Our aim is to maximise your investment and part of this is to aim to secure a tenancy as soon as possible.

We deal with working, organised professional Tenants and they are usually looking for a property well in advance. Many have to provide a notice period to their existing Landlord/agent. Therefore early marketing is essential.

The next step is easy - we visit your property to take photographs and details of the property in order to prepare our marketing.